Tanzania 2019 – opportunity to earn 2 credits, travel and work with a MetoWe School!!

Attached is some information on a program that my daughter participated in 2 years ago. She received 2 credits for the program and had a fantastic experience.  There were also 2 other students from our school board who participated in the program.  They received and IDC3O and IDC4U credits.

It involved taking a course through the Toronto District Catholic school board which included meeting approximately 1 time per month in Toronto.  This was usually on a sunday and we were able to carpool.  The course ended with a 15 day experience with the Me to We program in Tanzania. While they were in Tanzania they helped build a school and taught classes in a Tanzanian school.  Me to We provided them with an excellent way to interact and learn from the culture.
My youngest daughter will be participating in the program this year and I will be going as a chaperone. I know they are always looking for participants, especially male students.
Rob Simmons and Karen Congram (her daughter also participated) would be willing to answer any questions you might have.
Please forward any names and contact information to:
Rob Simmons

Avon Maitland District School Board
International Education