MDHS Course Calendar

MDHS Course Calendar

Course Selection

All students have the opportunity to select their courses of study within certain guidelines. With this comes the responsibility to choose wisely, having regard for present interests and abilities and future vocational or educational plans. This responsibility rests on the student and his / her parents after consultation with teachers and guidance personnel. Some courses require previously gained knowledge and skills. The student must complete courses identified as being a prerequisite course successfully before he/she can attempt any course demanding that prerequisite. It is the policy of MDHS that students who have accumulated fewer than 16 credits must enroll in a full eight-credit timetable. Exceptions to this rule may be considered on an individual basis. In all cases, students must be enrolled in a minimum of three courses each semester.

Course Changes

Students wanting to make a course change to their existing timetables should discuss the situation with a Student Services’ Counsellor. A course change form will be given to the student. The form begins a process that will involve parents, teachers and the principal. Students must continue to attend the courses in their timetable until written permission is granted by the principal.

Courses in this calendar will be offered where there is sufficient enrolment. All courses are worth one credit unless otherwise noted.